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The Moment Jars

This limited edition book is a collaborative effort.
An artistic endeavor.
And an articulation of hope.

Moments appear in chronological order.

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Put your moment in a jar

Share a Moment that meant something to you.


Explaining the Inexplicable

For eight years, the most common questions we’ve fielded regarding this annual winter book project are “Why?” and “How?” Both are almost impossible to answer. As for the first question, well, isn’t it always because the two most powerful words in the English language are “why not?” And as for the “how?” Hm, that’s not so easy to answer either. It’s not magic. But it’s also not an assembly line. We’ve been working together for so long that we know intuitively when to interject, when to shout out whatever ridiculous idea is on our minds and when to step back, stay quiet and let each other work. And that’s when the really cool stuff happens. The stuff that can’t be planned or explained or described or articulated or understood. Huh, maybe it is magic after all.

Mark Freid, owner and creative director at Think Creative Inc. has been a writer for most of his life and has also made numerous short films and documentaries. Think Creative is a ten-year-old award-winning branding and advertising agency based in Orlando with clients that range from dining to education to financial planning.

Since Jeff Matz and Paul Mastriani opened the doors of Lure Design in 1998, the firm’s work has been seen in the pages of the world’s most esteemed design publications. Lure is also renowned for producing beautiful and provocative silk-screened posters, as well as hand printed cards, journals and gift items, which are sold through

Kim Foxbury is an award-winning artist who relocated from Orlando to Pittsburgh five years ago. Her evocative mixed media work has been shown in galleries and museums in both communities. In addition to being a full-time mom, Kim has also become a highly sought-after illustrator.

Cliff Manspeaker, Jr. is the owner and creative force behind Drive New Media, a full-service interactive firm. Cliff’s company is unique among area web developers because they bring not only an astute knowledge of the interactive environment and adept programming skills, but also a keen creative and design sense to the table.

To see other examples of our collaborations, please check out and Or, visit our individual websites to see how we turn our creativity and collaboration into dynamic and successful marketing and branding programs for clients around the country.

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From the time he was a young boy, Samuel has been collecting the Moments of his life. Literally. In jars, in the basement of his house. Now, he and his son, Joshua, have embarked on a road trip to recapture a Moment.

The Moment Jars is a 22-page illustrated storybook written by Mark Freid, designed by Lure Design and illustrated by Kim Foxbury. This is the 8th Winter Book produced by this team of Orlando-based collaborators.

6.5" x 8"
(free shipping)

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